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My name is Matt. I am psychologist,counsellor and trainer living and working in Warsaw. 

In June 2017 I relocated to Warsaw to create and manage International Well-Being Retreat Centre in Kampinos National Park, unique place for healing and growth. I also do and will maintain my practice as a counsellor.

Before moving to PL I lived in Hong Kong and Beijing for 6 years, where I worked as a counsellor for local and international communities, helping school kids, young adults, white collar professionals and couples with a broad range of life difficulties.

That is me:


  • Msoc in Clinical Psychology
  • psychotherapist, trainer, researcher
  • addressing issues holistically on physical, mental, energetical and spiritual level
  • evidence based methods
  • 3000+ of individual and couple therapy sessions
  • receives regular individual and group supervisions from Dr Mark Gandolfi and Dr Alex Li
  • Expertise: Addictive Behaviors, Stress Management,  Anxiety, social skills, relationships, inter-cultual issues
  • worked in: China, Hong Kong, India, England, Scotland and Poland
  • Certificates in CBT, NLP, Addiction; trained in Positive Psychology Counselling
  • Certified SMART Recovery Facilitator
  • LinkedIn Profile

I specialize in working with people with addictive behaviours. Through engaging, non-confrontational science-based methods, my clients regain control, start to tidy up their life and gradually bring back the joy and happiness.  Contact me if you feel you or your partner or someone close to you, might have difficulties to control their:

  • drinking habits
  • time spent online,  whether it’s on playing games, watching films, checking news
  • impulsive browsing of adult website and on-line flirting
  • gambling in casinos or on stock and forex market
  • any other behaviors done out of compulsions

Love is a feeling, Marriage is a contract, Relationship is 24/7 work

I work with couples and individuals in the area of relationships. My clients look for support and guidance:

  • for healthy conflict solving
  • for ways to make relationships stronger and happier
  • when there’s ambivalence about staying in relationships
  • when man get grumpy and irritable
  • in crisis
  • to discover what partner and relationship model they’re looking for
  • to learn social skills in dating

I support teenagers and young adults on their way into adulthood. We do coaching work  on:

  • social skills and shyness
  • life and career goals
  • professional presentation and pitch
  • preparation for study abroad
  • being bullied and rejected
  • boredom

Among many other issues I work on with individuals, the most common are:

  • feeling worried and uncertain about a future
  • feeling depressed and moody
  • feeling stressed and overwhelmed

I supports individual and institutional client through individual counselling and consulting sessions and through workshops and seminars.

Contact me: matt@mbiegala.com 

Contact me for an inquiry:


I am co-founder and programme director of the CASMATI Village International Well-Being Centre in Central Europe that will promote deep connection with nature and animals, self-sustainable eco life, arts & crafts therapy, all incorporated to tailored counselling & coaching programs for Asian students and adults. The Centre shall open in spring 2018.

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