A Different HoneyMoon Trip

It was supposed to be our honey moon trip. Exhausted after wedding parties, all we dreamed about was a peaceful, quiet land full of nature. Cass wanted to go to the wild forest with animals and mushrooms, whereas I longed to sleep on the beach with no trace of humans and their footprints. To see sunrise and sunset, swim at the sea and enjoy pure nature. We choose Moving Dunes at Slowinski National Park by the Polish Baltic coast.


Equipped with tent, one sleeping bag and a few other items we took a train to the seaside. Our plan was to walk 25 km from one village to another through forest and by the beach. Sleep somewhere on the way and enjoy tranquility and beauty of surrounding uninhibited nature. We didn`t plan much, didn`t expect much neither. We opened our hearts and minds for new experience and adventure.

During the first day we were marching by the sea for six hours not meeting any other travelers. Wind was fierce blowing the sand on our faces and stopping us from going to the wild. As if the local deity wanted to keep its pure and charming nature for itself and tried to discourage us to enter his land. I enjoyed that wind and sand hitting every part of my uncovered body. My steps were slow and smooth like in ballet to keep balance and save energy. That was my dancing with the wind and sand. Only my logical mind,worried about Cass and kept considering return or at least finding plan B. Cass was tough. Although she didn’t accept the sandy wind`s offer to dance and struggled a lot to keep going, she enjoyed chasing the seagulls and running after them.

I still remember this feeling in the middle of the night. Strong wind almost blowing our tent away, heavy rain of huge drops trying to shoot us down . Total darkness and knowledge that nearest civilization is about 6 hours walking distance from us. And that if the tent collapsed, we would have no place to hide from rain and wind. Feeling that we couldn`t do anything more to protect ourselves and that all we had was hope that our tent will be strong enough.

Because of the fact that Cass didn’t really enjoy the idea of another day of marching by the sea against fierce wind, we decided to go into national park forest and try to find a path there. Forest turned out to be magical just like the one from the tale “Alice in wonderland”. We found big mushrooms and huge skeletons. Observed lands of fallen trees, with the perfect example of nature life circle. Death and fall of the tree brought shelter to small animals and insects, which were making way to a new tree in the future. Just like empires and civilizations.

Dancing with the sandy-wind, stepping on the pure untouched beach, discovering hidden skeletons and feeling fear and hopelessness in the middle of the night were just a few of many of our unique experiences. Experiences that made our life richer, our perception deeper and our love to nature (and each other) stronger.