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Life Artist. Character and personality creation

At the second decade of XXI century, we wake up in the world of instant products, services and lives. Everything is at hand, tailor-made and perfectly packaged just to fulfil our desires at once. Instant remedy injection, no effort, no sacrifice necessary.

Nowadays we have choice to be whoever we wish to. Technology and low society expectations let us become artist, freelancer, expert and self-made doctor just like that, with minimum effort and knowledge. Connected to internet, educated by mass-media we get the illusion of mastery. It’s the form, not the insight that makes us ‘professional’.

But does it make us happy or fulfilled?

Just like instant noodles won’t give us nutrition, the instant life with its instant products and offers will not make us any more fulfilled.

True happiness comes always with sacrification. It’s the time, energy and effort to get something, to improve or to make it better will make us happy. To be creator, explorer, master, these are dreams of all of us.

We long for it, trying new and new life-apps, instant offers, luring us with the illusion of true fulfilment. But they’re empty, a sophisticated trap making us fall into the vicious circle of constant trying new ¬†instants, and each time we get disappointed we’re getting distracted with another instant app.

There’s no true happiness without sacrifice of time and energy. When we create, when we struggle, learn and master our skills we reach the universe and find fulfilment.

Life Artist is a brave warrior, willing to sculpture, design and create his personality and character. Individual following his own path, always ready to learn, improve and support others. Creativity, love and renaissance open flexible mind are his tools to shape his character, find his own recipe for happiness and fulfilment and become the model, the leader for others to follow.

With positive energy, passion and faith, he’s ready to conquer the world. He opens his mind and soul for new challenges, chances, opportunities. Always seeking for the best ways, creative approach and wise look-out of the box.

Fascinated by surrounding world and people, with true respect to nature he brings Good and Peace.

He inspires people to see the world differently, to transgress, go beyond their limits, to become better person.

Life artist is a warrior with open mind and soul, shaping and toughening his character and inspiring others. The one who lives his dream and reach out for most creative and unique solutions.

That has always been my goal to be such a life artist. I wrote that text, when I was a fresh newbie just after arriving Hong Kong.

My view has changed a bit since than, but pure spirit remained.