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A Different HoneyMoon Trip

It was supposed to be our honey moon trip. Exhausted after wedding parties, all we dreamed about was a peaceful, quiet land full of nature. Cass wanted to go to the wild forest with animals and mushrooms, whereas I longed to sleep on the beach with no trace of humans and their footprints. To see sunrise and sunset, swim at the sea and enjoy pure nature. We choose Moving Dunes at Slowinski National Park by the Polish Baltic coast.


Equipped with tent, one sleeping bag and a few other items we took a train to the seaside. Our plan was to walk 25 km from one village to another through forest and by the beach. Sleep somewhere on the way and enjoy tranquility and beauty of surrounding uninhibited nature. We didn`t plan much, didn`t expect much neither. We opened our hearts and minds for new experience and adventure. Continue reading A Different HoneyMoon Trip

LANWEI Failure or Fate


Recently we have attended the opening of a Stanley`s Wong photo exhibition „Lanwei”. Stanley, famous Hong Kong designer, travelled round Asia to find and take photos of unfinished and abandoned huge buildings, such as for example Disneyland copy near Beijing. Alhough the idea of documenting such building is interesting itself, what made his photos really special and note-worthy were the people – illigal inhabitants – captured on these photos. These shots resembled me of one unusual forest I had seen before. Forest full of many big trees with huge roots, fallen on the ground. It was really astonishing to see majestic, strong- looking trees lying deadly in the middle of the forest. Later on I read that it wasn`t because of any disaster like a huge tornado. Continue reading LANWEI Failure or Fate

India Desert Life


Desert – for some it’s just a huge land of sand, for others home. I have always associated desert with nomad, travelling on their camels from one oasis to another in search for food and water. Brave Bedouins always ready to go for a new and unknown, armed with their belief and hope. They could be a perfect role model for all these who are afraid to take risk and start their life journeys and achieve what they need and desire. Since the Greek Civilization, western society has always admired great warriors, leaders, travellers, painters and writers. All these archetypical heroes who dares to transgress and cross the boarder of either physical or mental or artistic cognition. Society usually forgets about all the rest who remains at their homes and silently struggles to survive. Continue reading India Desert Life