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Wonderful Soul: Cass

Name : Cass

Age : 30

Occupation: Artist Photographer


1.Name 5 things that you really enjoy and cherish in your everyday life. What makes you simply happy?

  1. play with my dog Gum Gut
  2. touch and feel the texture of wood and stones……
  3. wake up and see the sunlight from window, I really enjoy it!
  4. lay on the grass at night and see the stars and moon.
  5. eat!

2. If you could make one of your silly dreams come true which one would you choose?

I could understand what the animals are talking, what’s their conversation about . It would be very funny, e.g. a cat talking to other cats about dogs. Then I would know all the secrets of around world, haha….

I want to fly. Fly to everywhere.

3. If you could travel in time and give one advise to yourself 10, 5 years ago, what would it be?

10 years ago – If I want to do sth, then do it. Don`t give myself excuse, yeah no excuse. If you are brave enough, you can do anything.

5 years ago – true to yourself about what you want and what you need and make it real, change your life

4. What effort do you put in your everyday life to make your dreams come true?

Enjoy my life. If you enjoy it, you will have energy and you will believe you can achieve your dreams.