self-therapy travelling

Art of Travel

In the times of cheap flights, international hostels all over the world, internet huge database of maps , lists of attractions and ready-made instruction of what to see, what and where to eat…everyone is a manufactured world traveller.

It’s all the same.

Beautiful photos on web albums. Absolutely stunning and amazing unless you compare them with almost identical ones of that taken by other travellers visiting exactly the same places and following exactly the same “secret” tips from Lonely Planet or Wiki Travel.

Tours to local remote villages, just to witness simple life or indigenous people. Observe them wearing their traditional clothes, performing rituals and feel as if we were discovering totally different world, untouched by our civilized world. But once the tourists are gone, villagers take off their costumes and remain their not so “tourist-attractive” everyday life. Yet everyone’s happy. Villagers earn money, travellers (self-called explorers) get the illusion of different undiscovered world. In Thailand there is special offer to live with villagers far in the country side. But as it turned out, the food eaten by tourist is different, more exotic that the one eaten by locals. In China, near Lugu Lake, Mosuo minority cannot progress, go with the time, modernise, because of high pressure of tourists who want to see old style life. Show must go on.

And city tours to popular tourist attractions, that probably most of us feel bored after 3rd church or town hall. But we feel we should be interested in the history, monuments and ruins, so we truly are but secretly checking how much time is left for dinner.

Time to change it!

Discover new quality of travel with us.

After years of study, field research, written publications, given lectures in Poland and Hong Kong, plenty of interviews with travellers and backpackers from all over the world we are proud to announce absolutely new ways to upgrade your travel experience and make it more meaningful and memorable.


Travel is only only journey to visit new places, taste new food and see new social rituals. It is also great and fascinating mental&soul journey! The time when you have chance to rethink your way to see the world and yourself, look from the distance to your culturally imprinted behaviours, adapt new ways of action and free yourself from old, rusty social bonds, that are no longer useful.

Travel is a great and unique opportunity to change yourself, upgrade new skills and habit, refresh your mind and soul and finally reconstruct your sense of identity.

Travel is a form of auto-therapy! Individual inner adventure!

It`’ when you face new and unknown you learn, become stronger and wiser!


Have you ever imagined yourself as Indiana Jones or another great scientist doing research and discovering new cultures?

To discover another culture and understand locals not just by reading tourist guide, listening to tour-guide, or blindly watching salesmen selling you “hand-made” souvenirs.

Our experts – travellers and cultural psychologists – will train you how to make your own cultural mini research. How to see more and get more from travel.

How to be able to find the answer to many intriguing questions yourself!


Be scientist, be explorer, be Indiana Jones!!!

Give yourself a chance to make any your travel be a life changing opportunity to become better and stronger person!

Bring back more than your postcards, souvenirs and photos.

Join us! Read, listen, contact and let us inspire you!