“I’d never been to a counsellor for 1-on-1 counselling before. Matt was very knowledgeable, understanding and easy to work with. Although I only saw him for 6 sessions, I feel like I made a lot of progress in that limited time.” Danny

“Matt was a very effective therapist, as he helped me to move forward in the challenging process of overcoming a variety of relationship challenges that I have faced (a number of which I would venture to say are common in many relationships).” Johnny

“Nice to meet u, your presentation is full of useful information and you are so nice. ” 

Thank you Matt. I have found that there is much to contemplate since the w/shop last night, and yes the real value in creating and keeping the Travellers Mindset’. ” Paul

Was a very good workshop. I think that it is a very important to always look at life as a traveller, or to put it in other words… As a child. A tree that grows quickly is very brittle, however one that grows slowly and encounters obstacles is much stronger and able to bend/flex” Gordon

“Is was really interesting. I will need time to think back on it and process everything.” Vanina


Dear students and clients,

Thank you for your trust and engagement during my work with you or with your partners or children.

I will be honoured to receive a testimonial from you.  Anonymously, or not, as long as comes from your heart! Thank you!