The image of modern women in Chinese and Polish editions of Cosmopolitan

Cultural Variants of a Cosmo woman: An Analysis of the Modern Woman’s Image Based on the Polish and Chinese Editions of Cosmopolitan Magazine


“The research presents the reader with the results of an analysis of the modern woman’s image, based on the contents offered by the Polish and Chinese editions of Cosmopolitan magazine.

We have investigated the image of a Cosmowoman, which is influenced by the local culture as well as the post-modern popculture/popular culture. In our investigation we have limited ourselves to the areas that are crucial to the process of creating the social and individual identity of a cosmowoman. The first of the areas is “love”, understood as an emotional and/or erotic relationship and used in order to define and accept one’s objectivity. We have assumed being in a relationship as the condition for acceptance and legitimacy for being a woman fully participating in society. Another area investigated was the desired image of a cosmowoman with reference to her temperament, social roles and status, as well as her aspirations and life style. We have assumed that consumption in different forms, customised in accordance with the needs of the local Cosmopolitan edition, could be the main factor of any actions undertaken by a cosmowoman.”