“What happens in our minds when we travel on our own?- Island School ESF, HK


I was honoured to give a speech on behalf of St. John’s Counselling Service,  for senior students from Island School, one of the top Hong Kong international School. The assembly hall was full of enthusiastic students, asking many questions, deeply engaged. Lots of laugh, fun but also good insight and change!

Take a look at fragments of school magazine review

“[…]Matt Biegala came to Island School and delivered an amazing presentation for students in Year 12 about the psychology of travel. […]

Matt explained that travelling is all about freedom, spontaneity, and being who you want to be. […] After this period of self-exploration, we can move on to pursue the activities that engage us, and maybe even set new life goals for ourselves!

[…]He tells us that our knowledge is brought on through past experiences and our memories, and also from what we are told. However, our beliefs and our own values are sometimes clouded by someone else’s thought. Therefore, when travelling on our own, we first have to put down our “backpack” full of labels and opinions, and look at the world with a fresh new pair of eyes. We also have to think critically about the things we hear and see.   When we are willing to trust our own intuition and think independently, the world will be completely different to us – we will be seeing the world in our own perspective, will be able to think independently![…]

At the end of his presentation, all of the Year 12s understood that the purpose of travel is to explore yourself, and become the person you want to be. After this Speaker’s Hour session, we understood that we have to think critically when travelling, and also learn from all of these wonderful experiences. I am sure that all of us came out of Speaker’s Hour with a new mindset for travelling! Hopefully we can use the things we learnt from Matt today when we go on our Quest Week Trips in November!”