Travel Mindset – Workshop for Coaching Outreach Group

The Art of Adventure Travel

Travel coaching for self-exploration and break-through

[…]travelling is a fantastic way to meet new people, experience new cultures and broaden your perspectives. It’s also a time to break-through self-limiting social and personal limitations and explore new dimensions of your authentic self.

Conscious adventure travelling, done right, leads to a happier,more confident and successful meaningful life.


  • See the mental processes that happen when you travel, learning how to use them for deeper insight and better results
  • Create strategies to break-through your personal and cultural limitations and see out of the box
  • Explore techniques to discover your real authentic-self, uninhibited by social expectations
  • Discover tactics to help you to cope more effectively with the unexpected, unwanted and undeserved which happen when travelling
  • the benefits of getting off the beaten track