Your Garden of Life Dreams

People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.”
Paolo Coelho,Alchemist

[…] dreams are not goals. Goals are measurable, achievable and with the right plan can be accomplished. Real dreams are what you really really would like to happen but very often have no courage to say it aloud, your wishes that seem too abstract, too difficult in this time and space to become true. Like from the parallel world. Like from the fairy tales.

When we were very young we used to believe in dreams, we used to have dreams. At that time no one cared about logic, probability and rationality. Everyone had dreams, and they were real. With dream there was inspiration, hope, happiness. Once we went to school and were taught thinking rationally we forgot our world of dreams, its secret language, we forgot other ways to see the world, other ways to sense and experience […]

Time to change it!

Dare to dream and let your dreams guide you and change your life!

Dreams are right there in your heart, ready to be planted and to grow. Pure your mind, open your heart and clean your inner garden from old weeds and roots. Plant your dreams and let them grow.

You need to take care of your dreams to grow, to protect them from bad weather, give them nutritions, water and sun.

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I will show you how to plant, feed and take care of your dreams.

I will teach you forgotten language of your life dreams.

Fascinating life adventure is waiting for you.

Come in for “a dream map” and “dream compass”, lighten up your life and career path, add value to your life and break limits of your imagination!

World of your dreams coming true!


And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
Paolo Coelho, The Alchemist