In short:

  • Msoc in Clinical Psychology
  • psychotherapist, trainer, researcher
  • addressing issues holistically on physical, mental, energetical and spiritual level
  • 2000+ of individual and couple therapy sessions
  • receives regular individual and group supervisions from Dr Mark Gandolfi and Dr Alex Li
  • Expertise: Stress Management, Addictions, Anxiety, social skills, relationships, intercultual isses etc.
  • worked in: China, Hong Kong, India, England, Scotland and Poland
  • Certificates in CBT, NLP; trained in Positive Psychology Counselling

Matt Biegala – psychologist (Msc Clinical Psychology), psychotherapist and trainer. Uses Holistic Psychotherapy approach integrating Western Psychotherapy with Holistic Healing methods.

Matt believes that only by looking at person holistically  and addressing issues on multiple levels (via body, mind, energy and spirit), one can enable a true change and healing to begin.

Certified Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist and NLP practitioner . Trained in Positive Psychology. Applies Mindfulness, spirituality and aspects of energy work during his sessions. Holds Certificate in Addiction (issues by Zur Institute, via distant learning, 48CE)

Receives regular training and attend  individual and group supervisions.

Works for many years with children, teenagers and adults. His areas of expertise are addictions (Internet and Gaming; Substance Addiction among adolescents and adults), mood disorders, anxiety and stress management, bullying, intercultural isses and other.

Matt uses his knowledge and skills to  empower others to live a happy and fulfilled life full of love, passion and gratitude. To go through life with dignity and in truth.

Supports individuals and communities across a globe, sharing love and good energy with others.

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